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Month: November, 2012

Warhola’s Children

The WHY NOT JAMES WARHOL’s CHILDREN t-shirt has begun.

The 24 hrs of each living day could be and can be equally measured out into portions of actions.  Medicine for life’s muscle memory to aid our cruelty in this all in one miracle mile.  After each fuel and refuel , kick turn, kick turn each repetition burns a blueprint into the freshly laid cement like surface we call flesh.

So does this mean that as a Warhol’s Child we are susceptible to these mechanized processes?  You bet ya!!  In my looking eye this is our one fast tracker that allows us to rhizome from one creation to the next. Which is why you are here for that advanced screening of what will be the Official WHY NOT JAMES WARHOL’S CHILDREN T-SHIRT.

So what is Warhol’s Children anyway?  Am I a Warhol’s Child, is this exercise your chance to get me under a microscope just so you can read my P’s and Q’s.  Doubted in fact I double doubt it.  Just as that flashing red light illuminates from across the hall of patriachs to which they have Edison to thank I ponder what may be the potential Q and A for this weeks Litmus Test.

Just like the up and down’s of a polygraph would my marks translate nuances over one all to familiar dream of balls bouncing until they break?  Is this the one commonality of all Warhol’s Children that one unexplained dream of nightmarish proportions?  Again doubted and better yet double doubted.

For the soon to be Warhol’s Children T, a wearable of me I have delayed my creation date until now.  Posing questions like “Who is it for and why would they want it” have been entertaining my frontal lobe for far too long. This T-SHIRT I discovered should foremost be fun for me, secondly it will be a partial insight to my youth and thirdly it will scream Warhol’s Children WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!

Whether you like it or not I found my moment of inspiration in a late night walker along one outstretched road named Canterbury. Whether you like it or not  he is a fossicker of red lipped otto bins who plodding along the main drag under the guise of his arthritic gigantic umbrella found more than he bargained for. Whether you like it or not he may well be a Warhol’s Child. Who knows all I know is build it and he will come!

So lets get to it.





A T or Two for Newtown’s own Warhol’s Children

As Warhol’s Children artist in residence I shall be asking each and every one of you to join me on what is dubbed the official artesian holiday.

It is without a doubt an interesting and inspiring proposal whereby this lucky duck will unlock the padlocks on what was a forbidden zone.

This is where the fun begins!!

I’m a Rocket Man – Submission for Sony and Threadless Competition

As an off shoot from my mural project I worked up part of the Elton John image and made it into a splendorious T.

Coloured in bright pink with black accents this baby sure does pack a visual punch.

Below is the outcome a most favourable result.